Traverco has customers across the agricultural, offshore, mining, oil and gas, earthmoving, construction and forestry sectors. Our customers know we are skilled, innovative and experienced.
At Traverco we are able to provide solutions that perfectly meet our customer’s requirements by utilising our facilities all in one location.
Our team combine innovative solutions with a focus on international safety standards to deliver consistent quality. Our team pride themselves on delivering quality products and support to our customers.

Motor revision

Traverco is very adept at completely overhauling machines and engines and everything related to them. With the available knowledge in this field and the continuous new developments, Traverco continues its quest for deepening knowledge and improvement.

Hose department

Due to the warm climate, machines break down wearing parts such as hydraulic pipes and hoses more often. Traverco has been the manufacturer of hydraulic pipes, hoses and couplings for several years now.

Service in the field

Traverco has been active for a number of years with both a fixed and flexible field group. Among other things, work on the various machines running in the port, this is an area where a lot of knowledge, flexibility and commitment from our employees is required. There are also machines in the hinterland of Suriname that are expected to be maintained / repaired on time for continuous operation.

Nascom NV

In mid-2008, Traverco made another solemn appeal to Nascom (NAtionale Scheepsbouw en COnstructie Maatschappij Suriname) and was taken over from Traverco in the early eighties to broaden its work possibilities. Nascom supplied an extensive machine line and a wide range of certified and trained welders.

In addition to repaired and constructed products such as excavator buckets, there is also the option of extending excavator booms. Nascom also specializes in custom safety cages to increase operator safety during operations. Design and realization are provided entirely in-house thanks to the extensive experience, efficient use of resources and available knowledge.

In collaboration with Mines Services NV for the offshore and mining sector, lifting equipment has also been constructed, including spreader beams, couplings, pallet cages, etc.


Thanks to the broad customer base and the demand for various solutions for machines, this resulted in a warehouse stock of more than 18,000 items. The range varies from tires, seals, exhaust manifolds, baking pins, bushings and turbo. Everything to do with nuts and bolts. Many of the company's specific customer requirements require us to be able to order parts overseas from buyers in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Our products.

Below is an overview of our products.