Traverco Track Service N.V.

TRActoren en VERpakking COmbinatie NV (Traverco) was founded in 1976 and was a small family business that repaired tractors and made jute bags for rice merchants. 

Traverco started with 10 employees, but in the meanwhile has grown into a full grown service providing , repair- and production company that offers employment to more than 100 employees.

Traverco provides its services to companies in different sectors where heavy equipment is used.





It is Traverco Track Service NV's policy to continuously work on improving the quality of the services, deliveries and the organization. One of the company’s objectives is to ensure the health and safety of the employees and third parties, as well of the environment.

For us, the following are central:

  • Offering our employees a pleasant, challenging work environment through keeping up-to-
    date on facilities, providing training and providing career opportunities;
  • Providing the individually desired service level for our customers as much as possible.


Traverco Track Service NV strives to be the leading company at all times, within the increasing competition from companies in its market segment.

She wants to achieve and maintain this position by:


  •  Guarantee and offer a professional customer-oriented attitude;
  •  Educating our personnel at the desired level through training;
  •  Setting the trend in implementing developments in the industry;
  •  Making investments to adequately coordinate all facilities with new